This article focuses on all the requirements needed when you are looking to study medicine in Bulgaria. We will focus on a number of things from entry requirements to application deadlines. 


On average it takes about six years to complete a medical degree in Bulgaria.  

The six years are divided into two years of pre-clinical study, three years of clinical study and one year of practice and study in a hospital setting.  

The best universities in Bulgaria that provide medical degrees taught in English include  

  • the Medical University of Plovdiv 
  • the Medical University of Varna 
  • the Medical University Sofia 


  • The minimum required overall score is 62%.  
  • The two compulsory A-level subjects you need to have taken to be accepted for a medical course are Chemistry and Biology.   
  • If you are a non-native English speaker, applying for a course in medicine that will be taught in English, you will need to provide evidence of your English proficiency.  
  • To do this you will need to score at least B1 on the CEFR test.  
  • This is equivalent to a score of 140-152 on the Cambridge English Scale. 


  • You will need to take two entrance exams; one will test your knowledge of chemistry, and the other will be in biology.  
  • Each will cost about £166.  
  • This will be an online test.  
  • There are six available tests for this date. It will take place each month starting from April until September. 


  • The requirements of what documents you need to submit in your application will differ depending on the university you are applying to.  
  • The documents you submit need to be professionally translated into Bulgarian.  

In most cases, your application will need to include :

  • Information about your academic achievements. 
  • A copy of your English proficiency certificate.  
  • A copy of your ID or your passport. 
  • Some universities might also request you provide a health certificate. 

To submit your application you will need to collect all the required documents and mail them to the address provided by the university to which you are applying. 


  • The application deadline for students applying to study a medical course is in February.  
  • For a more specific date, we recommend looking at the website of the university you are looking to apply to. 


  • For international students studying medicine in Bulgaria, the yearly tuition fee will be about £6,691.  


  • OppU Achievers Scholarships is a scholarship for international students who have a score CGPA of 3.0 out of 4 and are applying to study for a bachelor’s or a master’s program in Bulgaria.  
  • The recipient of the scholarship will receive £1,842 for their tuition fees.  

This brings us to the end of this article. We hope that you leave feeling more informed and closer to choosing which country you would like to pursue your studies in. If you would like information on more countries, please don’t hesitate to check out our other articles. 

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