This article focuses on Croatia and what the process of applying to university here is like. We focus on tuition fees, entry requirements, application procedures, and so on.  


The University of Rijeka offers a six-year-long course in medicine taught entirely in English. And there are fifty places available for international students.  


  • The required subjects that applicants need to have taken include biology, physics, and chemistry.  
  • You will need to have gotten at least a B in three of your A-Levels.  
  • This is equivalent to about 33 points in the International Baccalaureate. 
  • If you aren’t a native English speaker you will need to prove your English language proficiency.  
  • You can do this by taking the TOEFL or the IELTS.  
  • The required scores for the TOELF test are 500 on the paper-based test. 60 on the internet-based test. 170 on the computer-based test.  
  • If you decide to take the IELTS you will need to get at least a 6. 
  • Another option you have when it comes to proving your English language proficiency is providing, the university with a certificate proving you have passed the Cambridge and Oxford English language exams at least level B2.  


  • You will need to take the State Matura exam. 
  • The exam contains 120 multiple-choice questions, divided into three sections.  
  • Each section will have 40 questions. The three sections will be on three different topics: Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. 
  • You must answer at least 60 questions correctly to pass this exam.  
  • This exam can be taken at the University of Rijeka. Or you can take it online.  
  • There are three dates for this exam. May, July, or September. When you take the test depends on when your course starts. 
  • You can find material to help you prepare on the University of Rijeka website. 
  • Further preparation can be done by taking part in the Biology, Chemistry, and Physics course a week before the exam. This course costs around £670. 
  • There are certain circumstances under which you will not have to take the entrance exam.  
  • If you took and passed the BMAT with no less than 4.0 in all categories.  
  • If you have taken the SAT tests in physics, chemistry, and biology, and scored at least 600 in each subject. 
  • Or if you have scored at least 70% in the MediTest-EU. 


  • There is an application fee of around £167.  
  • In order to apply, you will need to contact the university and ask them to provide you with an application form.  
  • You will need to provide them with a copy of your birth certificate and a copy of your passport. 
  • They will also ask for proof that you are healthy, which you will need to get from your doctor, this cannot be older than a month.  


  • If you are applying to start in spring, you will need to apply by mid-to-late April.  
  • If your course starts in the summer, you will need to apply by mid-June. 
  • For courses that start in autumn, you will need to apply by early September 


  • The yearly tuition fee is around £8,362. 
  • You can either pay this in full when you first enrol, or you can divide it into two sums of £4,181. 


Croatian Government Scholarships is a scholarship available for international students in Croatia. This scholarship gifts the recipient with a grand of £65 a month. You will also receive financial aid when it comes to student meals and housing accommodations. 

This concludes the article. We sincerely hope that you leave feeling more informed. If you would like to read up on more countries before making your final decision, please don’t hesitate to check out our other articles on this topic. 

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