This article’s main focus is to inform you on how to go about obtaining a license to practice medicine in Poland. Additionally, there will also be some mention of what to do in order to be allowed to legally work and live there. 


Firstly, moving to Poland from outside the EU is more difficult than in you already are a citizen of the European Union. If you live in Europe moving to and living in Poland does not require you to obtain a visa first. But if you are someone coming in from outside of Europe, before you can legally live and work in Poland, you will need to get a Visa. This, in most cases, can be done through the internet. You will be asked to provide the Polish Embassy with documents like your passport, or any other type of identification they might ask you for. You might also be asked about your financial history, to prove that you are capable of supporting yourself in the country. In some cases, you might first need to have a job or provide another legitimate reason as to why you are looking to migrate to the country. Once you have obtained valid work and living Polish permits, you can go ahead and start the process of obtaining a Polish medical license. 

It is important that you are fluent in Polish and have a way of proving this. You can take a Polish proficiency exam and get the certificate with a high enough score. You will need to provide this along with your medical degrees. 

If you want to work in Poland as a doctor and your qualification has been acquired outside of Europe, you will need to complete a year-long training program. You will also need to take the Doctor Verification Exam (LEW) exam, once you pass this you will be allowed to practice medicine in Poland for five years. 

People who work as doctors in Poland make on average £44,000 a year. This can go up to the annual salary of £56,670. 

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