This article aims to inform you about what you will need to do if you are interested in moving to the Czech Republic for your dentistry career. We will focus on the legal requirements when it comes to moving to the Czech Republic from a foreign country. Like the kind of visas that you need and the kind of documentation that you will need to provide to obtain them. We will also focus on the qualifications needed to obtain a dental license in order to be allowed to legally practice dentistry. How much money it might cost to gain and register your license? And how much money you can expect to make when working in the Czech Republic as a dentist.

Requirements To Move To The Czech Republic

It is easier to move to the Czech Republic if you or from within the European Union. But if you have been born outside of the European Union and are looking to move to the Czech Republic for work then you will need to obtain a residency permit as well as a working permit if you want to work there. When applying for residency and a work visa you will be asked to provide things like your identification documents, your passport or a birth certificate. You will also need to prove to them that you do not have a criminal record. They will also ask for financial records and proof that you are financially stable to take care of yourself in the Czech Republic.

When it comes to obtaining a license to be allowed to legally practice dentistry in the Czech Republic there are a number of steps you need to take especially if you are someone who has gained qualifications outside of the European Union. If you are looking to work as a dentist in the Czech Republic, you will need to pass the approbation test before you can register with the Czech Ministry of Health. Additionally, you will also need to register with the Czech Dental Chamber and the Regional Authority. You will need to pay about £30 for the registration fee. The recognition of your qualifications is free.

Entry Requirements

The approbation test is divided into three parts:

  • Written
  • Medical
  • Oral

The written exam will come first. It will be a computer-based exam that will test your knowledge of dentistry as well as the Czech health system and the regulation and legal aspects of Czech health care. To pass you are required to score at least 70%. These tests are only available in Czech.

The medical part of the examination of your abilities will include you having to undergo a six-month-long medical training under professional supervision.

You will need to complete both of the previously mentioned assessments before you can move on to the third and final exam. This exam will test your Czech speaking skills as well as your knowledge of dentistry. 

Earning Potential

Monthly salaries for dentists in the Czech Republic range from a minimum of about £2,000 to a maximum of about £8,000 a month.

We hope that the above-mentioned information was to your satisfaction. If you are interested in more on this topic, please do check out our other work in which we focus on more of this just regarding other countries in Europe and outside of Europe.

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