This article is here to help you make the right and informed decision on whether or not Slovakia is your ideal destination for pursuing your medical studies. We aim to inform you on all things regarding applying to university in Slovakia, university fees, entrance exams, required qualifications and so on.

There are three universities in Slovakia that provide English taught courses in Medicine. Each of these last 6 years, and is divided into 2 parts, pre-clinical and clinical.
In the pre-clinical years, you will take lectures and seminars on topics covering biochemistry, anatomy, pathology, embryology and many more.
In the clinical years, you will be placed in Slovakian hospitals to allow you to gain qualifications and experience as a doctor.
These universities also provide you with the possibility of gaining skills in the Slovakian language early on, so that once you go out into the field and interact with Slovakian patients, in the clinical years of your course, you’ll be able to do so efficiently.
After you pass the written examination at the end of your course, you will be qualified to practice medicine in all EU countries, and in Israel and India. You will also be allowed to sit the USMLE in America which, if you pass, will make you eligible for a medical license in the USA. After graduating from medical school in Slovakia, you could also go to Canada and take the MCCEE, which is required for those who want to start their supervised postgraduate training practice there.


• To start a medical course in Slovakia, there are no specific grades you need to have or subjects you need to have taken.
• You do need to be at least 17 years old when the course starts. As well as having finished secondary education.
• And you will need to pass the entrance exam. ENTRANCE EXAMS
• To get accepted into medical school in Slovakia you will need to pass a multiple-choice test. This test will consist of 200 questions. 100 questions on the topic of Chemistry, and 100 questions on Biology.
• To help you prepare for this exam, you can undergo a two-week course provided by the Pavol Josef University in Kosice. Or you can buy the revision book that is being sold by Comenius University in Bratislava. Additionally, some of the university websites provide a list of questions that you can use as practice for the exam.
• The medical entrance exam for Comenius University Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava takes place in early August.
• If you have applied to or are planning on applying to the Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, the dates of the entrance exams are either late June or mid-August it depends on which deadline you apply by.
• The date of the entrance exams for the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University Martin also depend on when you send in your application, you will either sit the entrance exam in early June or early July.


• Each university’s website provides an application form that you will need to complete.
• The university also needs a letter of motivation, a letter of recommendation, your CV and copies of your
grade transcripts.
• The application fee costs between £25 to £67.


• A letter of motivation is usually between 500 to 700 words. Do not make it longer than one page. This letter is slightly different from a personal statement. As in your letter of motivation, your focus should be mainly on your future plans regarding your education and study, and how applying for the course you’re applying for will help you achieve your goals.


• The application deadline depends on the university you are applying to.
• If you are applying for Comenius University Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava, you have until the start of
July to submit all the required documents.
• The deadline for your application to Jessenius Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University Martin is either
mid-May or mid-June.
• The application deadline for Jozef Safarik University in Kosice is early June or early August.

• For Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, you will either submit your application by early June, which will mean that you will sit your exam around the end of June. Or you could submit your application by early August, in which case you will sit your entrance exam in mid-August.
• You will have from late November until the middle of June to apply for the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University Martin.
• For the Comenius University Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava, the application period starts on the 1st of March and all required documents need to be submitted by the 8th of July 2022.


• £8,050-£8,866 per year


• Slovakia provides financial aid via the ‘Slovak Government Scholarship for International Students’. This is a fully-funded scholarship, available for every level of study (Undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD and research)

Hopefully, this article has left you feeling informed and closer to being able to make the right decision. If you feel as though Slovakia might not be the right choice for you, please have a look at our other articles on different countries that you can consider and also look forward to more articles on this topic that will be coming out in the future

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